Chapter 15: Blown up


Chapter 14, The Fight-O-Plankton

Pumkinman: Ice And Flames 9

Pumkinman: Ice and Flames 8

Pumkinman: Ice and Flames 7

Pumkinman: Ice and flames 6

About The Simulation

Here you will find the stories I tell. Some of them are old stories, others are new. Most of them haven’t even been told yet. So stick around and enjoy them as they unfold.

My name is Austin and I have been using visual art to tell stories for as long as I can remember. I have always loved to draw and write and creating comics is the natural combination of those two passions. Though I also enjoy creating works of film and animation, one of the unique appeals of the comic medium that I appreciate the most is that the limits are truly defined by the author’s imagination. You can throw whatever monsters and mayhem you want into your story without having to worry about going over budget. The trade off is that this requires discipline to make those moments feel earned. If you’ve enjoyed my Bikini Bottom Horror Series, I hope I have earned your attention as I continue to develop as a visual storyteller. Please enjoy my website where you will find TBBH in its most current form as well as other stories that might pique your interest.

Thank you,


Pumkinman: Ice and Flames 5

Chapter 13, Clash of the Titans

The Battle between Squidward and the Tortured One heats up.

The Dark Knight Rises: Return To Gotham